The winners of Interfaculty intellectual competition were awarded


The meeting with the winners of interfaculty intellectual competition “What? Where? When?” provided on the occasion of the 25-th anniversary of the establishment of the New Azerbaijan Party was held at UNEC.

 The winner of the knowledge competition had been the team of  SABAH groups. In the exciting competition the team of the International School of Economics had taken the  II – nd place, and the team the Economics faculty had become the III-rd.

The prorector for Students Affairs, associated professor Saadet Gandilova  congratulated  the members of the team and highly appreciated the participation of  UNEC students in the intellectual competitiona on the regular basis.  Drawing the attention to the fact that holdig competitions promote rising of  the intellectual level of young people, identify and support the talented young people, she pointed out that this was one of the components of the youth policy of the state. S.Gandilova wishing success to the students in their education , recommended them to work at themselves regularly.

Then the members of the team were awarded the cups, medals and the certificates.

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