Cand. of E.Sc., Associate prof.  Mammadova Sevar Momin gızı

By 2017, she worked as the Associate Professor at the “International Relations” chair of the Azerbaijan State University of Economics.
From 2017 to 2018 she worked as the Associate Professor in the “Economics” (Russian speaking) chair of UNEC. She is the Candidate of Economic Sciences. From 20.04.2018 she was appointed to the position of head of the “Economics and business administration” chair of UNEC.

In March, 2017 she participated in the project implemented within the farmework of the Erasmus+ exchange program. She delivered the lectures for the Bachelors and Master’s degree level students at Poznan University of Economics and Business in Polish Republic. S.Mammadova, who teaches the discipline of “Marketing”, at the request of Poznan University of Economics and Business added to the program the subjects “The development of the main vectors of competitiveness of the Azerbaijani economy” and the “Role of cultural factors in the organization of business in the Republic of Azerbaijan”.



She participated in the II International Scientific-Practical Conference, held in Moscow, in October 2017 on the subject “The professional orientation of young people with disabilities in inclusive education”. At the conference, S.Mammadova spoke abuot the importance of the dual degree diploma program signed between UNEC and the Moscow State University of Humanities and Economics.