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UNEC Students in the Internship 

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Information about the Department of Internship and Recruitment

The Department of “Internship and Recruitment” was established as a structural unit of the University of Economics for the first time among the state universities of our country by the University Scientific Councils’ decision on April 30 2005 and Rector’s order signed on June 01 2005 aiming to establish closer ties between the training of highly- skilled, specialist economic cadres’ preparation and production processes and to assist the students and as well as the alumni of the university in their employment problems. The foundation of the “Internship and Recruitment Department” is one of the most important directions of the new economic education model realized at the university being the process of innovation. The department performed under the title “industrial experience” before.

The world experience shows that the university alumni’s provision of the workplaces is one of the most important indicators in determining the rating of universities, faculties and the chairs as well. In this respect, the department plays the necessary role in increasing our university’s rating among the other higher institutions and the public and ensuring its perspective development becoming one of the most important structural units in a short period of time of its activity. The department carries out its activity especially on the following directions:

  • Implementation of the measures in solving the employment problem of the students and the alumni of the university;
  • Organization and control of the undergraduate and graduate students’ industrial, scientific- research and scientific- pedagogical experiences;
  • Database development of the undergraduate, graduate, post- graduate and doctoral students;
  • Ensure the undergraduate and graduate students’ business incubation mechanism passage;
  • Organization of graduate fairs;
  • Organization of presentation by the state and private bodies.

The database on recruitment contains the profile information about the skilled and well- educated undergraduate, graduate, post- graduate and research fellows who left the university and have employment problems. The information about the candidates is entered to database after the positive opinion by the expert groups established under the appropriate departments. In addition, the database also contains the information about the state and private bodies facing human resource problems or has certain vacancies.

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One of the main activities of the Department of Internship and Recruitment is to conduct market research of labor market and demand for economist specialists and as well as entering data by the state and private entities which need specialists.

The undergraduate and graduate students’ passage through the business incubation mechanism is also conducted in the Department of Internship and Recruitment. The undergraduate and graduate students’ incubation mechanism means organization of different training courses and workshops held for them besides the academic education and the organization of different conferences and fairs with their participation.

The implementation of the presentations for the undergraduate and graduate levels’ students studying in different specialties by the companies that are partners with our university or intend to become, are among the main events of special attention.

The implementation of graduate fairs is one of the main directions of the Department. Becoming the traditional, fairs are also of country scale.

The fairs are focused on assisting skilled students and masters from our university and the others as well in their affairs of recruiting. On the other hand, it is also the provision of state and private bodies with prospective and well- educated cadres which face lack of personnel.

The control to the organization of the industrial practice in our university is regulated by the “Charter about the implementation of the experience for the higher education (secondary specialized) institutions’ students” approved by the decision 221 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan signed on September 2008 and the Statue of the Department of “Internship and Recruitment” and the Rector’s disposal signed on July 1 2007 about the “Improvement and Documentation of the Control to the Internship Processes of the Undergradaue and Graduate Levels’ Students”.