Events within the: “Islamic Solidarity Year” has started at UNEC- an Indonesian Ambassador meets with UNEC Students

15 MARCH 2017 | VIEWS:

Ambassador of Indonesia to Azerbaijan Husnan Bey Fanani has visited UNEC.

Vice-rector for International Affairs and Programs, Associate Professor Shahin Bayramov drew to attention that the year 2017 has been announced the “Year of Islamic Solidarity” by the Presidential Decree of the Republic of Azerbaijan signed on January 10 2017. He remarked the declaration of “The Islamic Solidarity Year” as a significant event swelling tolerance, peace and the promotion of secular values. He considered this year logical the logical extension of “The Year of Multiculturalism”. He emphasized that the decision on the organization of IV Islamic Solidarity Games in Baku in 2017 creates favorable condition to take concrete steps in strengthening Islamic solidarity for our country. The Vice-rector noted that meetings dedicated to “The Islamic Solidarity Day” would be arranged at UNEC regularly.

Ambassador Husnan Bey Fanani said Azerbaijan established relations with Indonesia after gaining independence and this cooperation is being continued in all areas of the economy, especially in trade, tourism and education as well. Indonesia is the biggest oil exporting country of Azerbaijan. Our country will join the IV Islamic Solidarity Games to be held in Baku with about 500 sportsmen. Highlighting the possibility of carrying out parallels between the two nations in terms of cultural and mental values, the Ambassador brought to attention that Indonesia is also a multicultural and pluralist country. Ambassador provided students with the information about Indonesia which is the biggest Muslim country for the number of its population. He spoke about the history, geography and national characteristics of his country; brought to attention that it is ranked among the G-20 countries of the world with the biggest economy in the world. Saying that Indonesia is the 16th country of the world in accordance with the indicators of 2016, the Ambassador highlighted that with the existing economic development the target is to become the 5th in 2030. He noted Indonesia is the third country of the world after China and India.

Expressing satisfaction of working in Azerbaijan as an Ambassador, Husnan Bey Fanani spoke of the advantages of being a diplomat. UNEC students asked the Ambassador about the higher education system of Indonesia, exchange terms, priorities as an Islamic country and tourism opportunities.

Highly appreciating UNEC students’ intellectual level, the Ambassador said that he is pleased of getting acquainted with them. Husnan Bey Fanani showed musical performance from Indonesian music at the end.

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