Winner of 4th Islamic Solidarity Games, UNEC Student: I was preparing for competition, along with exams

17 MAY 2017 | VIEWS:

UNEC student Farida Aliyeva won silver medal in the competitions of karate kumite in 4th Islamic Solidarity Games.

Farida Aliyefa who studies in the II course of UNEC Faculty of Turkish World of Business Administration is a bronze medalist of the World Championship held among the youth.

Farida Aliyeva (+68kg) was defeated by Meltem Hojaoghlu of Turkey in 2:6 within the final of 4th Islamic Solidarity Games. She included the II silver medal into our karate players’ asset. UNEC student who joined the rivalry from the ¼ final defeated her rival from Algeria Atif Imenen. Our sportsman was ahead of Nargiz Nargis from Pakistan in 1:0 in the semi-final.

Farida Aliyeva is majoring at UNEC in International Relations. Sharing the joy of silver medal with her group mates, UNEC student said she wished to become a champion: “I did my best. However, I lost my belief the last moment. Previous fights were very intense. I was very excited in the final. The excitement bored me. It was hard to perform tricks I wanted to”.

A silver medalist student of UNEC did not inform her group mates and teachers that she would compete in the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games: “I think it is hard to realize the imaginations when we speak about them. That’s why I have never spoken about my achievements in the group. The workload, written exams take much time in the faculty I study. In addition, I was training for the competitions along with my lessons. I tried to separate them from each other, to succeed in both of them. My silver medal was a great surprise for my friends and teachers. They were upset not to be invited to the competitions…”

F.Aliyeva expressed proud to be a student who got the silver medal of the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games: “I was preparing for the exams, along with a prestigious competition. I did not leave my lessons to the second plan, but for my trainings. I will say with proud ever more that I am UNEC students!”

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