Dean: Prof. Dr. Mehmet Yuce

Contact phone:
+(994) 12 440 57 49



Deputy Dean:
Aliyev Yusif Nadim

Contact phone:
+(994) 12 498-14-90

Deputy Dean:
Mammadova Javahir khanim Fuad

Contact phone:
+(994) 12 498-14-90

The Secretry to the facylty – Qurbanova Rena Islakh

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The bronze medalist of the World Champianship is the UNEC student (11.12.2017)
“Logistical support for access to foreign market: the targets of the strategic road map”
Winner of 4th Islamic Solidarity Games, UNEC Student: I was preparing for competition, along with exams

The business world always needs independent and creative minded young people

An Interesting Initiative from FTWBA (TUDIFAK) – A Football Tournament among the teachers, students and graduates (27.04.2017)
UNEC’s Teacher attends “The 3rd International Conference of Language Training and Teaching” (26.04.2017)

UNEC Scholars were elected members of International Peace Researches Association
Yalchin Topchu: A Joint Cooperation of Turkish Higher Education Institutions with UNEC will create the New Development Trend
FTWBA (TUDIFAK) became the Winner

UNEC Students attend the Turkish World Youth Forum

UNEC Rector starts to meet with the First- year Students (23.09.2016)
The «Graduation Day” held at the School of Turkic World of Business Administration (03.06.2016)
UNEC expands Cooperation with the Universities of Turkey (29.05.2016)
New Trainings at UNEC: “Theory and Practice” (29.05.2016)
The Professors of Gazi University at UNEC (25.04.2016)
Chanaggale Victory has been marked at UNEC (16.03.2016)
Khojali Tragedy commemorated at the School of Turkic World of Business Administration (24.02.2016)
UNEC in the “Heydar Peak”  (15.12.2015)
UNEC Students visited Winter- Summer Tourism Complex Shahdagh  (07.12.2015)
UNEC commemorates the founder of TWRF Turan Yazgan  (23.11.2015)
The International Congress held at UNEC has completed its work  (30.10.2015)

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Information about the Faculty

he name of the “Turkish World Business Administration”  of UNEC has been renamed as “Turkish World of Economics” faculty since 27.12.2018 year.

The Faculty of Turkic World of Business Administration was established at the Turkic World of Research Foundation Chairman Dr. Prof. Turan Yazgan’s initiative with the contract signed between the Institute of the Administration of National Economy of Azerbaijan and Turkic World Research Foundation in 1992.

The faculty is carrying out the activity under Azerbaijan State University of Economics since 2001 in accordance with the Presidential Decree of the Republic of Azerbaijan signed on 22.05.2001and the contract signed between the Turkic World Research Foundation and Azerbaijan State University of Economics. Beside the majors of Administration and International Relations specialty of Tourism and Hotel keeping has also been opened. Curricula are in line with the specialties in Turkey, in particular are based on a sample of Istanbul University.

Dean of the Faculty is selected among the teaching staff of Turkish Universities and the academic staff members are Azerbaijani and Turkish instructors educated in Turkey. The Faculty of Turkish World of Business Administration provides the graduates with the Turkish “equivalent” of the Ministry of Higher Education.


Taking into account the specificities of the disciplines conducted by the Faculty of Turkish World of Business Administration the Department of Turkic World of Business Administration was established by the decision 09/03 of the Scientific Council of Azerbaijan State University of Economics signed on 29.01.2013 and the Department carries out the activity since 01.02.2013.

The Department attached to the Faculty:

Economics and management

Majors on the Faculty:

- Finance
– Marketing
– Accounting
– Business management
– International trade and logistics
– Public Administration