The faculty of Turkic World  of Economics

The faculty of Turkic World of Economics (TUDIFAK) was established under the Azerbaijan Institute of Economics   by the  head of the Institute of Turkic World Studies Prof. Dr.  Turan YAZGAN  in Baku in 1992. The Faculty has joined Azerbaijan State University of Economics since 2001 with the decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and continued its activities as the Faculty of Economics of the Turkic World. Education in the faculty is in Turkey Turkic, and the dean of the faculty is elected   among the Turkic faculty members. The equivalence of the faculty in the Republic of Turkey provides ample opportunities for students who want to continue their education in Turkey, both in terms of exchange programs and academic careers.

Starting out with young academics, TWEF has always attached importance to dynamism and the creation of a warm family atmosphere. Its innovative approach in education and understanding of the Turkic World allow the development of national values ​​and universal principles together in the faculty. The fact that faculty members are ranked first in the faculty/department for 4 consecutive years in the university academic performance evaluation system also shows the quality of the teaching given at the faculty. In addition, the fact that the language of education is in Turkey Turkic allows academicians from Turkey to participate in education.

At the end of their 4-year undergraduate education, TWEF students are given a “Graduation Certificate” in Turkey Turkic, signed by the faculty dean and UNEC rector on behalf of the Institute of Turkic World Studies, together with the Diploma. If you make your choice as TWEF, a warm family atmosphere and disciplined education period await you, along with many of the above-mentioned advantages.

Admission to our faculty is made by the university exam held by SEC for Azerbaijani citizens. Citizens of the Republic of Turkey, on the other hand, can apply with the recommendation of the Institute of Turkic World Studies, with the condition of being a high school graduate. TWEF has departments of Economics, Business Administration, Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Public Administration, International Trade and Logistics.

Major of Economics: 

The major  of Economics aims to provide students with the ability to understand current economic events and phenomena, to comprehend economic problems and to seek and find solutions to them by creating a theoretical background in the field of economics. For this purpose, in addition to basic courses such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, international economics, banking and finance, monetary theory, growth and development, which form the basis of economics, students will acquire the ability to use the analysis tools required by scientific analysis in these fields, taking practical courses on mathematics, statistics and econometrics.

Major of Business Administration: 

The major  of Business Administration has undertaken to train employees with entrepreneurial and managerial qualifications for the business world, to carry out studies that will contribute to academic development in the field of business science, to make continuous development permanent, to produce value-added and innovative information and to share this information with stakeholders. The main purpose of the Department of Business Administration is to train successful, knowledgeable and well-equipped managers who adapt to the developments in this changing world.

Department assigned to the faculty:

Economy and operation


Major of Accounting: 

The aim of the department is to train accounting professionals who understand accounting practices, carry out these practices in a healthy and reliable way, keep up with the innovations in business life, and have the ability to think analytically. For this purpose, the curriculum is transferred theoretically and practically in accordance with the current accounting and auditing standards required by the time, and the students are trained within the framework of the current legislation.

Major of Public administration:

The aim of the major of Public Administration is to fill the shortage of expert personnel to work in central and local governments in the field of public administration, to provide students with management skills and to contribute to the development of public administration. The department of public administration provides students with the skills to produce, implement and supervise policies for the benefit of the public.

Major of International Trade and Logistics: 

Logistic,   is the name given to the transfer of a product from the production point to the consumption point at the request of the customer company or organization in the commercial sense and all the activities that occur during this process. The aim of this department is to train experts who recognize international commercial documents, apply delivery and payment forms in commercial procedure, manage procurement, production and sales processes, know and apply customs regulations. Students who graduate from this department can take responsibilities in foreign trade specialist, logistics analyst, logistics consultant, sales specialist, shipment sales specialist, warehouse operations specialist and other related fields.

Major of Finance: 

The main purpose of the major of Finance is to train the public and private institutions of the country with the talented and knowledgeable staff they need in the field of finance. In the department of finance, in addition to the basic courses related to finance, courses related to business administration, economics and legal science are also taught. In the department, a qualified workforce is trained to develop necessary solutions to the problems faced by the public and private sectors regarding financial issues, using scientific methods. Graduates of this department can obtain career opportunities in public financial institutions, banks, investment, auditing and financial consultancy firms.

Major of Marketing: 

The aim of this section is to meet the need for marketing specialists who know and can professionally apply marketing theory and practices in many fields such as goods and services, places, people, ideas, experiences, sports, entertainment, health, education, politics. Students who graduate from the department can work in various professions, from product management to customer relations, from logistics to marketing research, along with areas such as advertising, public relations, sales specialists in the private and public sectors. In addition, they can turn to occupational groups such as digital marketing and e-commerce, which comply with the demands of the new and globalizing world and ensure the disappearance of the border concept.

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