About the Department

The “Marketing” Department as the structural unit of the “Commerce” faculty was created in 2001 for training of qualified workforce on the speciality of “Marketing”. As a result of restructuring works at ASEU in 2005, the “Logistics” and “Operation of Exchange and capital market” Departments were merged with the “Marketing” Department. Hence, the basic Department playing a pivoting role in training of high-qualified professionals of bachelor and master degrees with high-level capacity in solution of modern challenges faced by the marketing and providing for innovative development of ASEU in the field of marketing started its operation.

The mission of the Department is to instil the marketing thoughts on future heads of state, commercial and non-commercial entities, enabling for in-depth analysis of demand and development objectivity of the market, which plays an important role in the modernization of economic system in Azerbaijan.

Strategic objectives of the Department: finalize the preparation of basic training subjects, as well as education-methodological materials taught by the Marketing Department at all faculties of  the University based on training plan and subject curriculums adjusted to the credit system in line with the State Education Standards; increase competitiveness of the Department among other specialized departments of the University and raise the quality of preparation of specialists in the modern marketing communication; broadly apply innovative forms of organization of exercises (lessons) during the training process; carry out regular activities for upgrading professor-teachers; ensure adjustment of subjects taught by the Department to requirements of  modern time and international standards and constantly improve their practical content; establish a scientific-research laboratory allowing implementation of marketing researches, as well as studies on branding, advertisement, PR, pricing, sale policy and etc.; introduce new basic and selected subjects in the training process in order to strengthen the position of the Department in preparation of high qualified specialists in marketing, expand its relations with existing national and international marketing organizations, as well as with society. Currently, staff of the Department is working hard to achieve the set objectives and duties.