Head of the Department of “Consumer goods expertise” Prof. Hasanov Ali Panah

e-mail: ali.hasanov@unec.edu.az 


He was born on December 31 1937 in Beylagan region.

Completing the secondary school with honors, he entered the Institute of National Economy named after K. Marx in 1957. He graduated from the institute with honorary diploma in 1962 and started labor activity at the department as a teaching staff. Within 1962-1966 he was elected and served a Deputy Chairman of the United Trade Union Committee of the University.

In the years of 1962-1964 he worked as an assistant at the Department of “Commodity Research of Industrial Goods” of Azerbaijan State University (current Baku State University).

Within1966-1988, he served as an Associate professor of the department of «Commodity research of industrial products» of Azerbaijan Institute of National Economy;
In 1993-2000, Rector of Baku Institute of Commodity Research and Commerce;
In 2000-2004, a Vice-rector of Azerbaijan State Economic University;
In 2004-2011, a Dean of the faculty of “Commodity Research” of Azerbaijan State University of Economics.

In 2011, he was a Head of the department of “Commodity Research of non-food products” of Azerbaijan State University of Economics.

Currently, he is a Head of UNEC Department of “Consumer Goods Expertise”.

He is the author of more than 150 scientific works, including 27 textbooks, training facilities and monographs.

He was presented Honorary Diplomas and awards at different times. In 2010, he was awardedthe Medal of “Progress” by the Presidential Decree of AR.

He is married, has 3 children.



 The 80-th jubilee of Ali Hasanov, the founder of the Commodity Research school (28.12.2017)



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