Head of the Department of “Protection and  economy of the environment”, Cand. of Geog., Assist. Prof. Valida Zulfugar Mehdiyeva


She was born in Tartar region in 1947. She finished school in 1963 and graduated from Baku State University, Geography department in 1968. She had been working as lector and as associate professor in Azerbaijan State Economics University during different years.

She earned the title of candidate on geographical sciences after defending her candidacy dissertation in 1985.

She published more than 80 methodical guidelines, methodic textbooks, scientific articles, books and monographs. To this list include “The development and deployment of productive forces”, “Economic and social geography of the world”, “ Global problems and natural environment”, “ Natural resources and sustainable development”, “ Natural environment, natural resources of the Republic of Azerbaijan and their economic-environmental evaluation” and other textbooks.

Since 2011, she has been working as the head of the chair of “Protection and economy of the environment” of ASEU.

She was awarded with the badge of “Advanced Employee of Education” for his performances to improve the level of education, its integration to the world standards and world science, as well as in the formation highly skilled young generation as a human and an intellectual embodying love in their country, nation and state on the occasion of 85th Anniversary of the University of Economics.

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