Results of the Winter Exam Session were discussed in the Russian School of Economics

A meeting on the results of the Winter Exam Session has been held in the Russian School of Economics of UNEC. Director of the Russian School of Economics, Associate Professor Mansur Barkhudarov spoke about the affairs done in the direction improving the quality and the importance of this factor within the meeting attended by the academic staff and the student organizations as well.

Deputy Dean on the Management of Training Tarana Musayeva noted that the indicator of success among the students participating in the exams of the Russian School of Economics reached to 82% and spoke about the results of the appeals.

Information about the progress of the Project “Leading Student-Leading Group” started at the beginning of the 2016/2017 academic year in the Russian School of Economics was delivered by the Deputy Dean for Student Affairs, Associate Professor Anar Eyyubov. Noting the positive results of the project, he informed about the students who demonstrate high results and leading groups.

Mansur Barkhudarov spoke about the plans and targets intended for the Spring Exam Session in the end. 


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