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The UNEC students have gained the scholarship of “PASHA Bank” (21.12.2017)
The winner of the Interuniversity knowledge competition – the UNEC students

UNEC Students were rewarded

Martyr’s Mother: “Tural was a young person who loved his Motherland and State” (31.03.2017)
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The “Youth Business School” Training held for UNEC Students

Meeting with the Humor Masters at UNEC (15.11.2016)
Ties between the Healthy Lifestyle and Education was discussed at UNEC
A Show Debate held at UNEC

The Famous Fashion Designer met with Young Designers of UNEC
The SYO’s Targets have been determined (14.10.2016)

The new SYO Chairman was chosen (04.10.2016)
UNEC Students became the Winners of Intellectual Competition
The next stage of selection of the “Youth Knowledge Olympiad” Project (06.06.2016)
UNEC Students: “We are His Followers” (10.05.2016)
Intellectual Competition held among the youth of Sabail district (28.04.2016)
UNEC Students become acquainted with the Education Opportunities in Germany (14.04.2016)
Activists of UNEC’s Student- Youth Organization have been awarded (14.04.2016)
If the Conditions are necessary for Success (14.03.2016)
The competition of “wisdom” among UNEC Students (11.03.2016)
A film prepared by the undergraduate students of the Faculty of Business Administration: «KHOJALI IN MEMORIES” (26.02.2016)
The Faculty of Economics and Industry: “Don’t Forget Khojali Genocide” (26.02.2016)
UNEC Students’ ICT Skills were put to the test  (23.12.2015)

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Activity strategy of SYO

Student Youth Organization of the Azerbaijan State Economic University was founded in 2005. Being a self-governing organ of the students,SYO aims to protect the rights of students, identify their potential, expand the scope of the student network, direct their minds to the future, support them to build their strategy, arrange interesting leisure time.

Events held at the University such as intellectual competitions, debate championships, exhibitions, sports competitions, music festivals and etc. are formed based on the projects of the SYO members and the students who newly became a member of the SYO. Project author is the student who implements the project on the basis of his/ her interest and specialty. Student presents his/her idea to the projects department of SYO. Department of projects preparers the idea as a project and addresses it to the appropriate department according to the subject. Head of the Department addresses the project to the Deputy Chairmen. After making some corrections, the project is addressed to the Chairman of the SYO. The Project can start after confirmation of the chairman. Department which accepted the project delivers necessary data and information to the author of the project. Project author begins his/her activity by establishing the group for realization of the project. The project starts after determination of the location and time for the project.

Students who are interested in the theme of the event are involved in order to arrange the participation of students on the voluntary basis at the events held outside the university. This duty is provided by the faculty chairman. Additionally, each faculty has its group representatives.

By means of this system, UNEC SYO informs the students in proper manner about the organization of the leisure time of students, improving their specialties and expansion of their interests.

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Branches, Departments, Centres and Clubs operation in SYO

1) General Department

The followings are within the competence of the General department: preparation of the statistics and documents concerning the event held, preparation of the inquiries, orders, applications, statements, documents sent and received, work plans, documents of report-election conferences, protocols of the events held; conduction of the meeting of the Management Board and preparation of the minutes of the meeting.

2) Human Resources department

The followings are within the competence of the Human Resources department: the provision of the list of SYO members and membership blanks, list of the Faculty Chairmen, representatives of the groups, Management Board, list of Control-Inspection Commission members and their personal documents and reserve blanks.

3) International relations department

The department of international relations creates condition to establish relations between our students and the students of foreign universities. Besides, the department organizes the participation of the students in foreign trainings and the projects of the consulates existing here.

4) Projects department

The department of projects implements different projects by selecting the best ideas of the students. Department ensures the implementation of the projects within and outside the university. Furthermore, the organization incorporates the students who try to realize their ideas, who are keen to create, change, be active and gain support for their projects.

5) Public Relations Department

The department establishes the connection of the SYO with media; provides the publication of the wall papers and represents the organization in the social network and virtual network overall.

6) Science and Education Department

Science and Education Department support the improvement of the intellectual level of the students. Particularly, the department implements the projects on education subjects. In addition, the organization holds many trainings and scientific conferences. The department is in close relation with the Student Scientific Society.

7) Intellectual games club

The club aims to identify the students who have the intellectual potential and create the necessary condition for them to spend their spare time in interesting and efficient form. The club operates within the Science and Education department.

8) Patriots club

The club arranges events on patriotic issues and implements projects concerning this subject. The organization establishes the unions of patriots at the university. The patriots club operates within the Science and Education department.

9) Debate club

Besides developing the speaking ability of students and leadership quality, the Debate club helps the students to free themselves from the complexes by means of trainings and competitions. The club operates within the Science and Education department.

10) Culture Club

Culture club combines the students who are engaged in music, dance, painting, authorship and other fields of art and helps the talented students to increase their skills by organizing trainings. The club operates within the projects department.

11) Ecology Club

The club organizes events and projects on ecological issues. Club keeps close relation with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The club operates within the Projects Department.

12) Information Technologies Centre

Information Technologies Centre deals with the issues concerning virtual activity of the Student Youth Organization. The centre manages the technical works of the webpage and other official pages. The centre operates within the Public Relations department.

13) Foreign Languages Centre

The Foreign Languages Centre deals with the provision of the language courses and conversations clubs by the specialists. The centre operates within the Science and Education Department.

14) Training Centre

Training Centre organizes different trainings to provide the students manage their spare time effectively and expand their worldview. The centre operates within the Science and Education Department.