A Show Debate held at UNEC

25 OCTOBER 2016 | VIEWS:

Meeting with new members of the Debate Club operating under the Student Youth Organization was held at Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC).

The SYO Chairman Rasul Hashimov and Debate Club’s Chairman Elshenagha Jalilov informed the participants about the club. The new members were explained that debate is oratory, what and how to talk, speech, gestures and mimics further strengthen the teaching tool. Debate is healthy to think and to inculcate the correct analysis. The issue should not be considered only one narrow aspect, but also in terms of opponent’s training to their advantage. All of mastering these skills to a wide audience of young, free, able to speak fluently, the idea can be delivered more complete and accurate.

Registration of the teams for Internal Debate Forum was carried out after the demonstration of “Show Debate” by the experienced orators.

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