Candidate of Historical Sciences, Senior lecturer Abbasli Khadija Ismayil 

She was born on June 6, 1973 in Otuzikilar village of Barda district.

In 1980-1990 she studied in secondary school.

In 1990 she entered the faculty of History of Baku State University, majoring in Sociology and graduated in 1995.

In 1996 she worked as a senior laboratory assistant at the department of   “Political History” of Azerbaijan State   University of Economics. In 2001 she was elected as a lecturer, and in 2004   as a senior lecturer at the department of  “International Relations” by competition.

Since 2011 she has worked as a senior lecturer in the department of “History of Azerbaijan”.

In  2003 she has been a student for a  degree  of the Institute of History named after A.Bakikhanov of ANAS. During her time as a student for a degree, she completed her PhD thesis on “Ganja-Karabakh Beylerbeyi in the first half of the eighteenth century”.

In 2015 she defended her thesis and is a candidate of historical sciences.

She is currently a senior lecturer at UNEC   Department of Humanities.

She is married and has two children.


Scientific works

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