UNEC included Azerbaijan’s name in the History of the World Science Competition “Science Slam”

04 MAY 2017 | VIEWS:

UNEC has organized a science competition “Science Slam” of international level that is held first the first time in our country.

The author of the competition held first the first time in the city of Darmstadt, Germany is Gregor Benin and Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey has joined the contest up to date. The main psychology of the contest organized in Azerbaijan, at UNEC that is the sixth in the world- is the popularization of the science, which is the integral part of our life, in a completely different style, at a different prism, but not by incomprehensible terms and formulas, full of scientific information.      

Those who are interested in science, in building communication with researchers, are keen on studying the latest innovations and expand their environment join the contest.

Beside the University administration, academic staff and students, officials of the Ministry of Education and Science Development Foundation, members of the Parliament, education experts and public representatives attended the final of the competition held at UNEC.

UNEC Rector, Professor Adalat Muradov spoke in his speech about the contributions to be made by the contest held in Azerbaijan for the first time to strengthen the intellectual capacity of science in terms of development strategy. He noted that it had a unique format for the popularization of the science and that it would ensure flexible integration into the world science stimulating young people to conduct scientific research and encourage them to consider the science at an interesting point.

According to the format of the rivalry, the faculty winners made the presentation of their investigations in an understandable, creative and exciting way. Students research on free and offshore economic zones, agriculture, tourism, car safety, national pearls and accessories, advertising industry, anti-substance and RSA Coding were followed with great interest.

According to the rules, winners’ presentations were assessed by the sounds of applause. Sound diapason of the applause measured by a special device defined the winner. Aysel Abbasbeyli of the Russian School of Economics who gained 98.7dB applause became the first of the the rivalry I UNEC Science Slam. Mammad Mammadli of the Faculty of Turkish World of Business Administration got second place with 96.1 dB and Narmin Heydarova of the Faculty Economics was the third with 95.3 db. Winners are awarded a gift coupon and certificates.

Let us note for information that, the representatives of the leading companies also attend the competitions Science Slam in the Western countries and make investment proposals on the interesting investigations. Young research fellows are motivated with that so their research is interesting for community and think it is worth to continue.

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