The meeting with the students getting the correspondence education at UNEC

10 JANUARY 2018 | VIEWS:

The meeting with the I-st year students getting the correspondence education was held at UNEC.

Sabuhi Tanrıverdiyev, the director of the UNEC Center for Distant, correpondence and additional education, congratulated the I-st year students on getting the name of the student of UNEC and wished them success in their first lecture and seminar semester. S.Tanrıverdiyev, noted that the teaching process at UNEC had been fully electronicized and talked to the students about the Electronic University Model. The director of the center said that,the organization of teaching in the form of correspondence education had been  established at UNEC for already three years according to the requirements of the credit system, gave the detailed information to the students on the essence and principles of the credit system. He pointed out that, the teaching period in the form of correspondence education is short and challenged the students to use the existing opportunities more efficiently and to be active in the social life of the university.

In the meeting, the questions interested the students were answered.

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