A well-known public figure, Professor Qachay Heydarov′s 100th anniversary has been celebrated at UNEC

16 JANUARY 2020 | VIEWS:

Events dedicated to the 90th anniversary of   Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) have started.

The first event was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the outstanding scientist, well-known public figure, Professor Qachay Heydarov. The event was attended by UNEC rector, Professor Adalat Muradov, along with the academic staff of the university, students and family members of the scientist.

Drawing attention to celebration of the 90th anniversary of the establishment of  Azerbaijan   State University of Economics this year, rector Adalat Muradov  noted that he had signed an appropriate decree on the anniversary and the action plan had been approved. The rector noted that, according to the action plan, it is also intended to commemorate the memory of our valuable scientists who have worked at UNEC and have made great marks in the university and in the country after them. He noted the 100′ s anniversary of professor Qachay Heydarov  had been held within the same frame.

The rector emphasized that Qachay Heydarov was   a scientist and a public figure, who played an important role in the formation and development of Azerbaijan State University of  Economics,  as well as in the training of successful graduates in various fields in our country. He said that the well-known scientist founded the department of “Economic History” at the Institute of National Economy and headed the department for a long time. Professor A.Muradov said that the greatest heritage   of the scientist is the students he brought up, and he noted that among them there are such scholars as academician Ziyad Samadzadeh. Rector  said that Qachay teacher was a representative of a large family known for his reputation and respect in Azerbaijan, and that the scientist, who loved his homeland, took an active part in World War II. Prof. A. Muradov said that Qachay Heydarov was a great intellectual at the peak of humanity and said that he ended his life as “an eagle” on a peak.

Chairman of the Committee on Economic Policy of Milli Majlis, Academician Ziyad Samadzadeh spoke about the importance of the UNEC Action Plan which had been approved   by the rector on the occasion of  the 90th Anniversary. He stressed that the measures taken to perpetuate the memory of well-known intellectuals of the country increased the purity and confidence of our society and at the same time served to protect the education and economics of Azerbaijan.

Academician Z.Samadzadeh spoke about the great merits of the scientist in studying the history of economic science, who said Qachay Mammdaov had  an exceptional role in the training of economists in Azerbaijan, as well as in the life of academician. He noted that the prominent scientist had   worked at the University of Economics for nearly 50 years of his life, had trained highly-qualified staff through his unique teaching method and earned the love and respect of his students. Z.Samadzadeh also emphasized the importance of studying the history of economics, drawing attention to the great leader’s ideas that “Every day of independence should be written down”. He also said that all countries around the world are doing different research to study their economic history.

Poet Shirin Mammadli who made a speech at the event, presented the book “Qachay Mammadov-100” authored by him, written on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of famous scientist, professor Qachay Mammadov. He shared memories about the scientist.Sh. Mammadli recited verses from the poem “Qachay” dedicated to the scientist.

Later, UNEC professor Hidayat Jafarov spoke about the high pedagogical qualities of Q. Haydarov, who had worked with him for many years, and his unique teaching methodology. He said he always respected the name of teacher and was very welcomed by the university staff.

Asiman Guliyev, dean of the faculty of Economics, Associate Professor, said that he had gained   love of his students as a professional teacher and a generous person. He told   about his meetings with his students, scientific discussions, and shared good memories about his favorite teacher.

Relatives of the scientist attending the jubilee event, retired police colonel Mahir Abilov, Kalandar Khachinchayli, a poet-publicist, member of the Writers’ Union of Azerbaijan, BSU professor Sadi Bayramov spoke about the difficult and honorable life of Professor Qachay Heydarov. They said that the scientist lost her mother at an early age, he could never forget her death, and he found comfort in expressing his endless love for his mother in his poem “Mother”. Speakers spoke about the wisdom, goodness and high human qualities of  Qachay teacher. They said that economist Qachay Heydarov, who had a special place among the prominent scientific figures of Azerbaijan, is still remembered as an influential figure.

The video of the outstanding scientist was shown at the event.

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