“UNEC: World- class University”

11 JANUARY 2017 | VIEWS:

A special unit of December issue of the federal prestigious Russian journal “Деловая Россия” (Business Russia) was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Azerbaijan’s State Independence and President Ilham Aliyev’s jubilee. An article entitled “UNEC: World- class University” was published on the journal on which economic and social issues take place.

Innovations implemented at UNEC were widely informed about in the article. It was noted that more than 18 thousand undergraduate, graduate and post graduate students are studying and1650 academic and administrative staff carry out their activities at the biggest economy-oriented higher education institution of the Southern Caucasus.

It was also noted fundamental scientific researches in different directions are being carried out at UNEC which is the main higher education institution of Azerbaijan developing professional cadres in economic and business areas: “Highly-skilled economic cadres conduct researches required in the real sector of the national economy at the Scientific Research Institute, Scientific Innovation Center and Technology Transfer Center performing at UNEC applying innovative methods. The investigations also give impetus to improve the education at UNEC”.

A wide place to international affairs of UNEC was given in the article. It was said UNEC cooperates with more than 100 prestigious universities (the University of Siegen, London School of Economics, the University of Montpellier, the University of Malaga and Mykolas Romeris University and so on) of over 30 countries (Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Lithuania, Southern Korea and Turkey etc.). Dual Degree Programs and Students-teacher Exchange Programs are implemented in the development of Undergraduate, Graduate and Post-graduate students. In addition to being a member of international associations and organizations, UNEC is also in close ties with the leading global economic bodies. It was also stressed in the article that 11 Nobel Peace Laureates are UNEC’s Honorary Doctors and they conducted lectures at UNEC.

According to the article, training is conducted in four languages- Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian and English at UNEC. At the same time the information about the Russian School of Economics which provide education in Russian on 11 majors and the International School of Economics which provide training in English on 5 majors was delivered.

UNEC’s ranking in international ratings was emphasized: “UNEC became the first among the universities of Azerbaijan according to the results of one of the ratings of the world higher education institutions “Webometrics” two years continuously. At the same time, it is the best 200th university of the region and 4th economy-oriented of the QS Ranking Agency among the Developing European and Central Asian Universities”

It was also brought to attention that UNEC is the only university of Azerbaijan which has a branch abroad. The Branch performing in Darband city of Dagestan Republic of Russia was highlighted to play essential role in cooperation between Azerbaijan and Russia.

“UNEC: университет мирового уровня”  (Журнал “Деловая Россия”)

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