Education for Everyone- Inclusive Education Environment of UNEC is being expanded

23 JANUARY 2017 | VIEWS:

A workshop on “Establishment of Inclusive Environment for the use of Educational Services by the Physically Impaired People” has been held at UNEC.

Affairs done for further improvement of the services rendered to UNEC students with disabilities were discussed within the seminar. It was said UNEC aims elimination of barriers for students with disabilities and creation of the condition necessary for the use of educational opportunities such as programs, services and others in accordance with the national and international legislation. To this end, the university established an inclusive learning environment. In addition to providing access to education for all, the environment will have created conditions for the protection of social equality, meeting special needs of young people with disabilities in education and so on. Within the seminar, it was noted that the Advisory Committee had been established with the aim to monitor the activities of the “Center for Students with Disabilities”. It was said the Committee would hold a meeting with the members of the center and participate in the development of the actions plan and the strategy of the center. At the same time, it will re-evaluate the action plan of the center in accordance with the needs of the students with disabilities, reviewing students’ requests and hold debates with them.

Speaking about UNEC’s Exchange and Dual Diploma Programs, Director of the International Relations Department Anar Kazimov invited the physically impaired students studying at the university to participate in these programs. He gave them confidence that they would be created all the necessary conditions to join the exchange programs.

Afterwards, specialist of the International Relations Department Gulshan Veliyeva talked about the events implemented within the ESFIDIP Project on “Establishment of the Fund on the Integration of People with Special Needs in Higher Education Institutions of the Republic of Azerbaijan”.

The psychologist of the “Center for Students with Disabilities”, Associate Professor Valida Aliyeva said the enlightening workshops would be held at UNEC on a regular basis. At the same time, the students with disabilities will be assisted to discover their talents and intellects by instilling them self-confidence, self- assessment and the feelings of adaptation to environment. The psychologist also emphasized that the students with disabilities will be supported in proper establishing relations between the teachers and students, resolution of the psychological problems encountered within their studies.

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