*UNEC rector, Prof. Adalat Muradov’s address

We feel honor and indebted to treat every student who joined Azerbaijan State University of Economics’ large family. I want to address to our students, young people with disabilities who are entitled to a quality education like everyone else. Center for students with disabilities have been established in July 2015 in our University. Our goal is to develop inclusive education at the university, too. Every disabled young person who wants to be an economist is invited to study at our university and to this end I urge you to join the competition. You have the right of becoming well- educated young people of Azerbaijan for the future of our independent Motherland and we are pleased to double to your achievements. We feel proud to see you in the UNEC family. We sincerely believe that you will conquer the summit of science and education with your group mates and add success to UNEC’s achievements with your diligent and hard- working spirit.

With the desire to meet you at UNEC


Coordinator of the Center for Students with Disabilities Sevinj  Mahsimova

Telephone: +(994) 12 441 65 23

E-mail: sevinc_mehsimova@unec.edu.az



Inclusive Education Center news in UNEC NEWS

The Vice President of the World Wide Fund for disabled people: “I am convinced that UNEC model in inclusive education will be successful” (12.02.2018)
The different day for the UNEC students

Performances of UNEC’s Center for Disabled Students have been rated highly
UNEC’s Performance in the direction of Work with Disabled Students assessed highly (17.05.2017)
Everyone has equal right to a quality education
Information about the performances of the Center for Disabled Students was heard
Presentation of the Project “Adaptation Problems of the Youth with Disabilities into Society” (02.03.2017)
UNEC expands its activities in the field of Inclusive Education (18.02.2017)
Education for Everyone- Inclusive Education Environment of UNEC is being expanded (23.01.2017)
International Day of People with Disabilities marked at UNEC (02.12.2016)

UNEC expands its Performances in the Area of Inclusive Education (29.11.2016)
UNEC’s Physically Impaired Students visited Summer Camp (07.09.2016)
UNEC strengthens its Performance in Services to Students with Disabilities (22.04.2016)
Physically Impaired Children become acquainted with UNEC’s Education Opportunities  (18.03.2016)
Pilot Programs associated with the education of students with physically impaired has been launched at UNEC  (16.03.2016)



Education for Everybody- let us eliminate the obstacles and open the doors”  (21.01.2016)
UNEC Volunteers will support Disabled Students  (27.11.2015)
Center for Students with Disabilities at UNEC (07.07.2015)
ASUE Representatives participate in the ESFİDİP TEMPUS Project  (01.05.2015)
ASUE Employees toured to Europe within the TEMPUS Project  (05.03.2015)

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Main aim of the Centre for Students with Disabilities (CSD) is to provide academic development of UNEC (Azerbaijan State University of Economics) students and to discover their special talents (abilities). This Centre works towards improvements of disabled students’ studying conditions.

With creating large and positive social environment for disabled students, Centre provides their successful activity with programs and information base. CSD will do its best in order to realize studying wishes of disabled students.

Discovering special abilities of disabled students, CSD will create condition for their social and intellectual development. CSD supports UNEC students’ full integration to university structure in all fields and joint activity with Centre .

Weekly Inclusive Education Program at Radio UNEC

Working Hours:
9 am to17 pm, Monday to Friday

Centre for Disabled Students:
H.Aliyev 135, 2nd Teaching Building of UNEC, room 113










  • Volunteers 
  • Teachers 


  • Students
  • Teachimg staff

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