UNEC’s Teacher attends an International Symposium

03 MAY 2017 | VIEWS:

UNEC’s teaching staff has taken part in an International Congress of Social Sciences “3rd Turkistan Forum: Future of Turkish World in the Process of Globalization, Opportunities and Challenges” held in the city of Turkistan of Kazakhstan. The International Turk-Kazakh University Khoja Ahmad Yasevi organized the symposium.

A senior teacher of UNEC Faculty of Turkish World of Business Administration (FTWBA), PhD in Political Sciences Nazim Jafarov made a report on “Azerbaijan-Kazakhstan Relations within the Global and Regional Balances”. UNEC teacher spoke about the opportunities and challenges the Turkish world faces in the globalized world and significance of the cooperation between Azerbaijan-Kazakhstan in successful progress of this process. UNEC teacher especially highlighted in his speech the strategic importance of Turkey-Azerbaijan-Kazakhstan ties and the role of Turkish Council, in addition a bilateral cooperation in the context of changing global and regional balances. Nazim Jafarov sounded new proposals for closer cooperation of the two countries in his report.

The symposium attended by more than 100 scholars from 10 countries of the world was remembered with interesting reports. The three day symposium completed with the concert of the ensemble “Turkish World of the Yasevi University.

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