UNEC Teachers’ Winter School ended


A Winter School arranged for UNEC instructors with support of the Embassies of France and Arabian Emirates to Azerbaijan ended.

The winter school organized at the Guba Training, Sports and Recreation Center of UNEC was conducted to 115 by the Professor of Paris-Sorbonne Abu Dhabi Rida Blaik Hourani and Litz David Richard.

The four- day Winter School is targeted in upgrading UNEC’s academic staff’s modern teaching skills. Trainings on creation of modern curriculum, management facilities for structures of the seminars and lectures, the use of modern ICT applications during the lessons, enhancing the academic staff’s leadership and management skills, including methods of assessment and interactive management of the auditorium will be conducted in the school. Along with theoretical knowledge UNEC teachers became familiar with the simulation games and practical examples such as “ePortfolios” and “snagit” within the winter school.

The winter school was beneficial in terms of methodology of classes and exemplary structure of them. In addition, it is considered to be useful in terms of enhancing instructors’ teaching skills, their leadership and management abilities and management of lecture room with interactive methods.

Appreciating UNEC teachers’ knowledge and skills highly, Professor Rida Blaik Hourani said the world experience shows that the instructors have to be trained regularly to improve their modern teaching skills. To this ground, the winter school is very useful: “I am glad to be familiar with the kind of team and want to say we will be pleased to see you at Paris Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi. I am sure that the exchange of experiences with UNEC teachers will be beneficial”.

Noting UNEC’s Guba Training, Sports and Recreation Center to be a suitable venue for trainings, the Professor of Paris Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi emphasized that there is a unique condition for group work: “There are perfect opportunities for arranging winter and summer schools in the complex. I am sure UNEC will take advantage of these opportunities”.

The teachers attended trainings will be awarded certificates in the Embassy of France.

Note that, a delegation consisting of 18 UNEC Deans and Heads of Departments got acquainted with the leadership experience of Turkish Universities within the winter school.

The winter school had a positive impact in developing social links and cooperation among UNEC teachers.

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