UNEC pays tribute to its Martyrs


Mahir-Mirzeyev-1 - копияToday is UNEC alumni, the April martyr Mahir Mirzayev’s Memorial Day.

Mahir Sabir oghlu Mirzayev was born on February 17 1994 in Baku. He completed the secondary school 36 and entered UNEC with 541 points in 2011. Graduating from UNEC Faculty of Economics in 2015 he went to army. Mahir was killed in April events within the battles in Tartar.

Deputy Dean of the Faculty Economics, a teaching staff of UNEC Department of “Economic LawRahim Mursalov remembers Mahir Mirzayev this way:

- I remember my favorite student, son of Motherland Mahir Mirzayev with love. I had had positive opinion about him just after the first meeting. I cannot become calm even I address all good words to him and praise him. Every time when I remember Mahir’s brave, hard- working and bright face, the anger in my heart is getting kindled. I desire to take up arms and destroy the enemy…

Mahir was very educated and exemplary student… He was favorite for group mates and dear for teachers. He was full of life; smile while he was answering the lessons… His smile never left his face…He was very kind…I cannot forget his support to friends with melancholy voice from his seat.

I received news about his death when I was on the frontline. It was very hard to hear it. Firstly I wanted to contact with his friend Vigar, but couldn’t. Meanwhile, the news was said to be false. I was very glad and prayed… But some days later the news about Mahir’s death was confirmed. Mahir had left such sign in my memory that I was sure he would have heightened UNEC’s image and conquer the highest positions. He became UNEC’s proud…I was not mistaken. Mahir rose to the highest peak by his patriotism and heroism- to the top of the martyrdom…

 Mahir, my dear student, I do not say you rest in peace, because martyrs do not die!

Happy birthday, my dear and beloved student Mahir!

We introduce a film about Mahir Mirzayev:

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