Grading System

The following grading rules apply to all modules(courses) taught at Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) Student’s performance during a term grants maximum 50 and exam results can add the rest 50 points.

The minimum passing grade is 51 points (F)

The maximum passing grade is 100 points (A)

Grade Points, % ​Letter Grades Meaning ​Description
91 – 100 A Excellent This represents a student’s outstanding work, highly meritorious performance, understanding and originality in argument and content. The student is exceptionally good and displays advanced understanding of the course and is proficient in utilizing the information and course materials.
​81 – 90 B Very good ​The quality of the student’s work can be presented from good to very good. The student has competence in using appropriate concepts, demonstrates a good understanding of the subject matter, and is able to handle the problems and course materials confidently.
​71 – 80 C Good ​An indicator of the student’s satisfactory understanding, average performance and command of the subject matter, and an ability to handle relatively simple problems and course materials.
 ​61 – 70  D  Satisfactory  ​Minimally acceptable performance, which demonstrates student’s incomplete knowledge of the subject matter and some limited capacity to deal with relatively simple problems.
51-60  E Very poor Very bad performance that demonstrates   the material or subject learned hasn’t been perceived  incompletely or at all. The student is extremely bad on   course materials.
 ​​<51  F Unsatisfactory  ​Failure to meet minimum expectations in understanding and course work as evidenced by performance and submission of graded elements.
102 3