The concept of social business in UNEC has been discussed

13 OCTOBER 2017 | VIEWS:

Conference on “Social Business: Realities and Perspectives in Azerbaijan” was held in UNEC.

The conference, supported by the Ministry of Education, are organized by UNEC, International Eurasia Press Fund (BAMF) and Azerbaijan Yunus Social Business Center.

Rector, Professor Adalat Muradov said that the goal of the UNEC is to take an active part in the research of the most actual issues in the world economy. Speaking about the UNEC efforts in this direction, the rector noted that for the first time in world practice the price of Azerbaijani oil was estimated at the world market, the subject of CRT and e-money was discussed with UNEC Research Foundation and Russia’s well-known expert on digital economy and e-finance, professor Ruslan Makarov, delivered.

One of the issues that attracts our attention is social business, said Muradov, who spoke about the peculiarities of the social business presented as an alternative to the idea of ​​free capitalism: “Here the purpose of entrepreneurial activity is not profit but solving problems in society. From this point of view, I can say with certainty that we, as an educational institution, are dealing with social business in a certain sense. Our graduates’ employment as a very serious issue before us, the idea of ​​Nobel Prize winner Mohammad Yunus saying ” don’t find for a job, create a job!” gives us a perfect idea. “

Speaking about the importance of social startups, the rector said that they want to enlarge the competition among the employers, rather than the graduates’ dependence of the employers. Muradov called the graduates to provide their future and attract their studentmates to their business, calling them an alternative way of unemployment problem.

The video message of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mohammad Yunus was published at the conference. Wishing success to the conference the Nobel Prize laureate Mohammad Yunus remembering his visit to Azerbaijan, spoke about his meeting with BAMF President Umud Mirzayev and UNEC rector Adalat Muradov. “We came to the conclusion that we can concentrate our efforts on social business and implement it successfully in nowadays. I am convinced that the Azerbaijani government takes appropriate steps to solve people’s problems, but people should also be active in building their own lives. This is my belief.” Recalling that every person is knitted with limitless creative possibilities and that it is the starting point of social business idea, Mr.Yunus said that it is possible to change the world with social business.

The Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population Metin Kerimli emphasized the importance of the social business concept and said that the relevant work was carried out by the state in this direction and successful results were achieved. He underlined the leadership of the head of the country on the implementation of the social business idea on the basis of the existing realities of the country, and the positive results in the country in the near future will be achieved.

BAMF President Umid Mirzoyev spoke about long-term friendship and cooperation with Mohammed Yunus and Yunus Center. He highlighted the importance of the meeting with the President and some officials during the visit of M. Yunus to Azerbaijan: “After Mr. Yunus visit to our country, Mr. President’s ideas, and instructions required the introduction of new initiatives and approaches around the idea of ​​social business.” U.Mirzayev called M.Yunus an idea maker, which has encouraged people to believe in their ideas. Thanks to a trilateral memorandum signed between UNEC, Yunus Social Business Center and BAMF, she has talked about the work done in the field of social business research and academic research for a while.

ABAD Director Rufat Elchiyev touched upon the unique aspects of the ABAD model. He informed the conference participants about the role of the ABAD as a model of social impact, the role of people in social business promotion.

Associate Professor Fariz Ahmadov, Director of the UNEC Center for International PhD and Master’s Degree, spoke about social business and world experience and made interesting facts to the conference participants.

The executive Director of the Economic Reform Analysis and Communication Center, Vusal Gasimli spoke about the importance of market research in the application of social business and spoke about the work of improvement of the microfinance effectiveness.

Muradov said that the UNEC Digital Marketing Center will analyze the geography of export markets and can submit proposals. Speaking about the opportunities of the new center, the rector noted that UNEC will be out of competition in the marketing of foreign markets through the Internet.

The executive Director of the National Fund for Entrepreneurship Support Shirzad Abdullayev said that he attached great importance to the formation and development of community-based associations in the development of social business. He emphasized the importance of these communities’ access to financial resources.

Other speakers at the conference also touched upon issues such as the importance of social business, social start-up, human factor in social business, enhancement of export issues, economic credibility and so on. The speakers drew attention to the role of this idea in promoting civil initiatives and the development of economic sectors. The conference continued with discussions.

Note: Following the success of Mohammed Yunus social business idea, in 1998, similar methodologies were used in 58 countries. The concept of Mohammed Yunus was to build a world without poverty. In the center of this concept is not the issue of Gross Domestic Product in the development of the national economy, but the natural human right, which is intended to benefit the poor. In other words, the concept offered economic development with the per capita income of the lower population. Thus, the proper identification of the place of the “HUMAN” factor in real economic life has played a major role in the success of the social business concept. For many years, such initiatives as the “Social Business Day” and “Global Social Business Summit” have enabled world-renowned scientists, entrepreneurs, government officials, civil society representatives, youth to share ideas for successful development of social business, around them together. Social business is practically in the focus of attention of America, France, Germany, Holland, China, Malaysia and other countries.

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