UNEC Teachers at the University of Anatolia

01 MAY 2017 | VIEWS:

An Assistant Professor of UNEC Department of “MarketingLeyla Hajiyeva and An Assistant Professor of the Department of “International Relations”, Deputy Director of the Russian School of Economics Anar Eyyubov visited the University of Anatolia within the “Erasmus+” Exchange Program.

L.Hajiyeva lectured on the “Integrative marketing communication” and “Mass media tools”. A.Eyyubov conducted workshops on the psychological aspects of international conflicts for the teaching staff who teach the major “International Relations”. The classes taught by UNEC teachers with practical samples and comparing experiences of Turkey and Azerbaijan were of great interest by the audience.

UNEC’s instructors met with Azerbaijani students who study at the University of Anatolia. UNEC’s SABAH students and the student of the International School of Economics who study in this prestigious higher education institution within the exchange program also participated in the meeting. 

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