Director: Professor Rzayev Orucali Huseyngulu 

Telephone: +(994) 24-22-5-30-56  

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Information about the Zagatala Branch

The Zagatala branch of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University was considered to become the Zagatala branch of Azerbaijan State University of Economics in accordance with the decree signed by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on April 29 2016 targeted in ensuring the needs of regions in highly skilled personnel for their socio- economic development, expanding young people’s access to higher education on the majors they require, as well as increasing the efficiency of the use of material and technical and cadres potential of higher education institutions.

Opening of Zagatala branch of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) took place on September 15.

Firstly, the event participants visited the National Leader Heydar Aliyev’s memorial erected in the park named after and laid bunches of flowers.

Following the national anthem UNEC’s Rector, Professor Adalat Muradov congratulated the teaching staff of the university and the students with the new academic year, wished them success. Speaking about the state care to education, Rector said that the President’s order on Zagatala branch of UNEC is the result of the attention and confidence to our university. He appreciated the establishment of the Caucasus’ biggest economy-oriented university’s branc in Zagatala highly.

The Director of UNEC’s Zagatala branch, Professor Orujali Rzayev noted that the development of personnel in Accounting, Economics, Business Administration and Finance will be carried out in the branch. 113 students from 37 regions of the country will study here.

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(VIDEO – 21.09.2017)



The student of the UNEC Zagatala branch who had the highest results in exams is successful in Baku, as well (02.03.3018)
The student of Zagatala branch of UNEC who showed the highest results at the exams will get the education in Baku within one semester
The exams in Zagatala branch of UNEC are open to the public
The documentary film “Testimony” was demonstrated in Zagatala branch
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Opening of UNEC’s Zagatala Branch  (15.09.2016)


Exams at Zagatala Branch of UNEC were open to Public (13.01.2017) – VİDEO