85 years of History



Beginning from the establishment of the Department “Azerbaijan History”, Professor Hidayat Jafarov heads it. It was only two years when Professor Khalil Rafiyev led the chair. Professor H. Jafarov has been serving as a Head of the Department since 1988 up to date. He graduated from the PIA named after V.I.Lenin in History with honors, defended Candidate’s thesis in 1978 and became a Doctor in 1996.

Professor Jafarov is one of the co-authors of the textbook “Azerbaijan History” developed for higher schools and a textbook prepared for secondary schools. He has written and published in general more than 200 scientific works including 3 monographs, 4 books and training aids. He has supervised two post-graduates and one doctoral student. He is the member of Higher Attestation Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Academic Council of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Scientific- methodological Council of the Ministry of Education.  

In 2006 he was awarded the title of the Honorary Teacher and in 2011 the medal of Progress.

Hidayat muellim is an active participant of the Republic’s social life and always does his best in the propaganda of the history not only among the students but entirely among the public.

He has also revealed various investigations and interesting facts in a number of archives related with the University’s hard life since its foundation.

All these facts have been reflected in the book published in connection with the 80th anniversary of Azerbaijan State University of Economics. H.Jafarov’s role in the preparation of this book is undisputable. In this regard we met with H. Jafarov and talked to him and asked some questions the readers are interested in.

– Hidayat muellim, let’s go back a little bit. When did the training of economists begin in Azerbaijan?

– Azerbaijan State University of Economics which holds a special place in the higher education system of Azerbaijan has passed a glorious historical way. Operating under the different titles within 80 years of its existence this venerable educational institution has played a key role in the training of highly skilled professionals.

For the sake of objectivity, it should be noted that until 1920 there was no special education institution in Azerbaijan training economist cadres.

In the years of 1919-1920 economic-oriented sections and faculties were created in Baku State University and Polytechnic Institute. Facts indicate that there were no less than those who want to learn the profession of economist in addition to those of the other areas.

Despite of the challenges in 20s lack of experience, the paucity of highly qualified scientific personnel to prepare economist experts, the foundation of the development of a wide range of economists who work in different areas of the country has been laid. Professionals studying in separate courses, colleges, in the faculties of the universities participated in the development of a new generation of economist personnel in the 30s.

– Hidayat muellim, when was the first economic-oriented high school established?

– Serious changes had been made in the Soviet education system in late 1920s and in early 1930s. Thus, the new network of universities attached to separate ministries and committees had been founded. This in turn, created opportunities for the preparation of economist cadres on different fields.

As a result of the changes in the Soviet education system, Azerbaijan Trade and Cooperative Institute was established in 1930-1933 on the basis of the cooperative trade section performing under Azerbaijan State University. Numerous independent institutes were established of the faculties of university after Azerbaijan State University was abolished by order dated June 19, 1930 of Council of People’s Commissars of the ASSR.

– What was the composition of newly established institute confirmed to?

– The Social-Economic Institute of Azerbaijan was founded by the Secretariat of the SC ACP’s decision signed on January 2, 1933 taking into account the purposeful activity of Azerbaijan Trade- Cooperative Institute within 1930- 1933ss. The faculties of planning-economy, finance, accounting and Soviet-building and law were included into structure of the new institute in accordance with the decision. The institute was placed in a separate building attached to the Planning Committee of the Republic.

– What was the closing of the institute related with in different times?

– AINE was forced to operate in the University as the School of Economics related with the situation during the Great Patriotic War in 1941.

In 1959 AINE’s activity was stopped again by the decision of the Council of Ministers of USSR.

On February 10 1966 the Council of Ministers of the USSR decided to re-establish the Institute of the National Economy of Azerbaijan in Baku, taking into account the number of students to be too much (4000) in the faculties of economics and commodity research of Azerbaijan State University.

As a result of the insidious policy and jealousy the activity of AINE was again stopped by the decision of the CPSU and the Council of Ministers of the USSR signed on September 24 1987 and the Higher Ministry of Education of the USSR signed on October 30 1987. According to the above mentioned orders Baku branch of Leningrad Financial-Economic Institute named after N.A.Voznesenski was established.

Later, a number of changes took place in the university’s history. First Azerbaijan State Institute of Economics and then Azerbaijan State University of Economics was established combining several economic- oriented institutions. The country’s oldest higher education institution Azerbaijan State University of Economics has entered the stage of its own development in early 2002.

The University of Economics performing under the different titles, but for the objective and subjective reasons, in the years of its existence has passed a complicated, difficult and at the same time a dignified way. Azerbaijan State University of Economics’ way of life in many ways instructive which sometimes was independent, sometimes the faculty of some higher institution, and sometimes having no logical explanation as to be the branch of remote institute. But in spite of all the difficulties that existed UNEC maintained its presence, and now become one of the country’s leading higher schools.

– Your ideas on the modern situation…

– Lately, new reforms begun at UNEC are in-progress in a new level. A lot of innovations which meet the requirements of the modern era, moving our university closer to the European and world education spheres have been made. The Center for Organization of Training and Methodological Security, Center for Distance, Part-time and Continuing Education, Center for the Quality Assessment and Management of Education, Center for Science and Innovations, Information and Communication Technologies Center, Technology and Transfer Center, the Department of Finance and Provision, the International Relations Department and the Department of Business Administration and so on was established to increase the flexibility of management.

– Today we are on the eve of the 85th anniversary of our university. Each employee of the university welcomes this celebration joyfully. Each of us try to make contributions to the festival and getting prepared to take part in the event enthusiastically.

Each employee has played important role in implementing all of these innovations at UNEC. Including me…

We could ask endless number of questions to Hidayat muellim who has a gentle   humor, funny jokes. But we believe that how much we ask the scientist working in a diversified business, however less. Therefore, his opinions and suggestions related with our renewed university day by day are enormous. 

Khatin Gojayeva

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