The head of the library: Mammadova Arzu Mammad

Contact telephone: +(012) 18-46 (1-16-11)


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About UNEC 24/7 library

The organization of 7 days 24 hours library of the Azerbaijan State Economics University (UNEC) was launched in December 2017 and was completely finalized in March 2018.

The library building consists of three floors with a total area of 290 square meters.

The library consists of 2 reading rooms and 1 hall equipped with 24 computers to benefit from the electronic library.

The reading rooms are equipped with the special lighting and ventilation system, as well as the comfortable seating for reading.

The library has got the potential to render the service to 104 students at the same time.

The library has got a wide range of specialized fund and is designed in the shelf racking style. The search system in the library is provided based on the electronic catalog and the special software has been implemented for this purpose.

The electronic library has been enriched with the numerous books and was given for use by the students with copyright protection.

The access to the electronic libraries of other Azerbaijani universities has been provided. The current infrastructure can create conditions for our students to use the libraries of the world-class universities.

The library is equipped with free internet, high-speed book scanner and printers for convenience of students.

The library processes are completely automated.

It has been subscribed to the electronic resources of EBSCO and Thomson Reuters. There has been provided the open access in the internal intranet network of the university.

The high security systems are installed in the library. There is created the special corner in the open air for the users of the library.

On 03.01.2019 year the Senior Bibliographer of the Bibliographic Department of the Library Arzu Mammadova was appointed the head of the UNEC 24/7 library.

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