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Sultanov Ilyas Mehrali

Sultanov Ilyas Mehrali oghlu was born on March 18 1957 in Fizuli region. Ilyas was engaged in classic type of wrestling from the childhood. He became a champion of region and republic for several times. He completed the Fizuli region secondary school named after Khurshidbanu Natavan in 1974 and entered Azerbaijan Institute of National Economy named after D.Bunyadzade (current UNEC). In 1976 he served in the army in Vladimir province of Moscow. He started the labor activity in Fizuli region after the graduation. After a while he became a Chairman of the Trade Union on Commerce of Fizuli region.

Ilyas was one of the first volunteers of self-defense battalion set up in Fizuli region after the commencement of the territorial claims of Armenia against Azerbaijan. He was appointed a platoon commander of the battalion. He heroically participated in the battles happened in Hoga, Gachar, Govshadli and Yukhari Veyselli provinces of Fizuli region. Ilyas was killed in the battles for Yukhari Veyselli village of Fizuli on August 15 1992. The martyr was buried in the Martyrs’ Alley of Fizuli region. The secondary school of Yukhari Veyselli province of Fizuli was named after him.

UNEC pays tribute to the Martyrs (18.03.2017)
UNEC commemorates its Martyr Alumnus (13.03.2017)
Martyr İlyas Sultanov’s memory is commemorated in Fizuli (VIDEO)
For Native land – Ilyas Sultanov (VIDEO)

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