A magnificent gift from IBA for UNEC lecturers and students

17 MARCH 2021 | VIEWS:

As a part of a corporate social responsibility project, the book “Public Finance and Public Policy” by Jonathan Gruber, a professor of Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been published in Azerbaijani by the International Bank of Azerbaijan (IBA).

The book published by the IBA in support of education, innovation, and financial literacy in our country was  presented  at  UNEC. 50 copies of the highly-published book were donated by the IBA to the UNEC library fund.

The book, authored by Professor Jonathan Gruber, is one of the best textbooks for those interested in public finance and public policy. The book is widely used as a fundamental source in teaching at the world’s leading universities. The textbook is rich in the in-depth analysis of the realities of modern times, interesting facts. The theoretical approaches, practical solutions, and solid arguments reflected here  provide a comprehensive picture of public finance and public policy.

The academic staff of UNEC and students can obtain the book “Public Finance and Public Policy” from the UNEC library.

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