We are proud of you, Azerbaijani soldier!

26 MAY 2019 | VIEWS:


On the initiative and organizational support of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC), a campaign of moral support was launched for the Azerbaijani army in the western region of the republic under the slogan “We are proud of you, Azerbaijani soldier!”

The first group of participants of the action, consisting of academic staff and students under the leadership of the UNEC rector, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Adalat Muradov in military uniform, for two days in front-line regions, fulfilled the noble and patriotic mission set for them worthily.

The action participants were warmly welcomed by the command of the unit. Initially, being accompanied by a national march performed by the military orchestra, they visited the bust of the nationwide leader of our people, the ever-living Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Heydar Aliyev, drowning in flowers in the garden, laid roses in front of it.

In the military unit, the action participants familiarized themselves with Heydar Aliyev center, as well as the high level of service created for the military, asked about their living conditions, problems and concerns, once again witnessed a high level of discipline, fighting spirit, sense of patriotism, moral and psychological training of personnel.

In  the soldier club and at the ceremony dedicated to the opening of the support action for the Azerbaijani army, honored art worker, personal pensioner of the president, accompanying the group Colonel Abdullah Qurbani, spoke on the successes achieved in recent years under the leadership of the President of Azerbaijan, Supreme Commander Ilham Aliyev in the field of army formation,  stressed that as the great leader Heydar Aliyev had repeatedly said, the army is the children of the whole people, and providing care and attention to its development is a duty of  each organization, local bodies, private structures of the state, each citizen of Azerbaijan.  It was noted that the initiative shown by UNEC deserves approval and the staff of all educational and other   institutions and organizations should join this action. The smell of gunpowder should be felt from every citizen living in a country in a war state, the whole society should live with a sense of patriotism, the slogan “Everything   for the Army, everything for Victory!” should cover the country.

Major General Khagani Jabrayilov welcomed the guests on behalf of the staff and expressed confidence that this action would leave a positive mark in the life of every warrior, as well as participants of the action, he also expressed his confidence  in the soonest liberation of the occupied lands, and in increase of the victory will  and the battle spirit. The General, bringing to the attention of the participants of the event the thoughts of the Great Leader, which has   turned into a wise saying, noted that the Military Unit is like our home.  The army is an integral part of our people. The army is the backbone of our country, nation, state, independence. Therefore, we never forget this and realize that our main duty is the constant display of the care of the army. The UNEC initiative, the provision of moral support to the Army inspires every defender of the Motherland to conquer higher peaks.

The rector, Professor Adalat Muradov, on behalf of large UNEC team of twenty thousand people warmly welcomed the staff and congratulated on May 28 – Republic Day and the upcoming Ramadan holiday, wished each soldier to continue to serve the Motherland, the people, the state worthily, to record in our military history new glorious victories as a continuation of the April and Gyunnut.

The professor brought to the attention that the UNEC team as a soldier is ready at any moment to stand up for the liberation of the land, the restoration of the territorial integrity of the republic.

With the participation of the creative groups of the center of the Azerbaijani army named  Azi Aslanov, including the ideological and cultural center of the Ganja garrison, as well as the amateur artistic group of UNEC and a graduate of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (at one time this institution of higher education was called Azerbaijan Institute of National Economy), in 1973,  honored artist Nizami Abdullayev held a concert program entitled “We are proud of you, Azerbaijani soldier!”. The ceremony, dedicated to the opening of the action of moral support of the Azerbaijani army, ended with the literary and artistic composition “We are coming, Karabakh”.

On the same evening, the participants of the action, together with the personnel, took part in the dinner process, stood on symbolic combat duty, spent the night in the soldiers’ hostel.

On the second day of the action, a series of events were held in the frontline, in the base points   of the military units, battle-front   positions. The fighters were presented a book with the appeal of the academic staff   and students of UNEC to the Azerbaijani soldier. Rector Adalat Muradov, head of the Department of Physics and Chemistry, Professor Rovnaq Rzayev, director of the UNEC International School Aqil Azizov, deputy dean of the faculty of Expertise  and Standardization, Associate Professor Elchin Samedov, senior researcher at the  Scientific-Research Institute of Economic Studies, Ph.D. in Economics Farhad Mikayilov, Assistant of the rector, the senior lieutenant in the reserve, the brother of two officers, Shamil Aliyev, the students, who were active in their studies and public works, made a speech in front of the soldiers, conducted frank talk,  answered their questions they had been  interested in.

Soldiers and officers distinguished themselves in military service were presented special awards and gifts established by UNEC.

 Then, soldiers of Special Forces, demonstrating their abilities, surprised the participants of the action.

The head of the first group of the action of moral support for the Azerbaijani army, Professor Adalat Muradov, concluded his speech before the fighters in the frontline zone with the words of the President of Azerbaijan, Supreme Commander of Armed Forces, Mr. Ilham Aliyev: “The Azerbaijani Army is among the most powerful armies in the world … The material and technical base of our army has been greatly strengthened … Its fighting capability is at its highest level … There is enthusiasm. The morale and psychological state of our army, our soldiers, and officers is very high.  Not only in the army, but also in the whole society,   a sense of patriotism is high. The whole society united in the name of one goal. ”

The campaign of moral support to the Azerbaijani army under the motto “We are proud of you, Azerbaijani soldier!” on  the initiative of UNEC will continue until June 26 – Day of the armed forces, in military units,  units and institutions of Special forces, as well as at universities.

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