Senior lecturer Mammadova Manzar Aziz 


Date of birth: 01.04.1960

Place of birth: Azerbaijan, Gadabay district, Isali village

Marital status: Married




June 1978- September 1983 – Baku Gold Plant, Economist, accountant

September 1983-August 1993 – Sovkhoz Winstroy Trust, Economist

December 1993-August 2000 – Baku State Commodity-Commercial Institute,

Laboratory assistant, Chief laboratory assistant, Assistant, lecturer, senior  lecurer

September 2000- April 2001 – Azerbaijan State University of Economics,

Senior Lecturer of the department of Commerce and Advertising

September 2001-September 2002 – University of Economics,

Teacher of “General Economics” department on technical and technological specialities

September 2002-January 2005 – UNEC, Senior Lecturer, “Exchange Activity and Stock Market”

January 2005-July 2005 – Unec, Senior Lecturer, Department of Marketing

July 2005 – present – Azerbaijan State University of Economics, Senior Lecturer, Department of Accounting



1967-1977 – Secondary education

1977-1983 –  Azerbaijan Institute of National Economy named after Bunyadzadeh

Faculty: Accounting Economics

1996 – Azərb. Chief Pedagogical Staff Retraining and Retraining Ins.

Advanced training courses in economics

2003 – Azerbaijan Teachers’ Institute, professionaldevelopment courses on economics





1994 Some issues of improving accounting in the new economic environment
1997 Accounting for imported goods
1998 Rules for keeping cash in a foreign currency account
1999 Methodical instructions: “Methodological features of accounting for lease and depreciation of fixed assets” 2006 Accounting efficiency of working capital norms
2007 Normative cost accounting system
2007 Research internship program for masters majoring in accounting and auditing
2008 Principles of organization of financial control
2010 Internal audit is an important form of financial control
2011 Settlement system in Azerbaijan and issues of its improvement
2011 The main directions of audit development
2012 Curriculum for students (bachelors) studying in all economic specialties of higher education institutions
2012 The program “Accounting” for students of all economic specialties. (with the exception of “Accounting”)


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