Head of the Department of “AZERBAIJANI LANGUAGE”, Doctor of Philology, Prof. Abdulhasanli Tofig Abdulaziz

e-mail: tofiq.abdulhasan@unec.edu.az

 He was born in Pirabba province of Neftchala region on December 30 1955.

Within the years of 1973-1981 he studied in the Faculty of Philology of Azerbaijan State University and graduate from in honors received a degree in Philology- an instructor of Azerbaijan Language and Literature.
He completed the Faculty of Finance and Credit of Azerbaijan State University of Economics with honorary diploma in 2000.

He started to work in the manufacturer in the years of 1972-1985. In 1974-1976 he served in the army.

Within 1985-1990 he worked as an editor of the publish house “Ganjlik” (Youth). He was appointed a Director of the newspaper “Hayat” (Life) of the Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan. In the years of 1992-2002 he was a Head of the Department of the newspaper “Azerbaijan” under the Parliament. He worked a Director of the Editorial office of the newspaper “Republic” at the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

He became a Candidate of Philological Sciences after the defense of Candidate’s paper; in 2004 he received the title of the Associate Professor.
Since 2014 he is a Dr. of Philology and a Professor.

He has been serving as an instructor, senior teacher and an Assistant Professor of the department of “Azerbaijani Language” since 1993. Currently he is a Head of the Department of “Azerbaijani Language”.

He is the author of 4 monographs, 5 textbooks, including the book and monograph dedicated to the problems of Azerbaijan Language and Literature, more than 100 scientific articles published in the country and abroad, as well as the textbooks on “Azerbaijani Language” and “Business Azerbaijani”.

By the Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated September 24, 2020, he was awarded “Taraggi” medal on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of  Azerbaijan State University of Economics and for his services to the development of education in Azerbaijan.

He is an Honored Employee of Culture of our Republic. More than 200 publicist articles written by were edited on the official public newspapers. He is a member of Azerbaijan Writers’ Union, Union of Journalists and Republic Union of Economists. He is also the Laureate of the awards “Gizil Gelem” (Golden Pen), “Hasan Bey Zardabi” and “Araz Ali Adabi”.

T.Abdulhasanli is married, has three children.


More than 150 articles were published in the country and 25 abroad (3 impact journals); his 8 speeches were published on the prestigious scientific journals.


UNEC in the Regions (16.05.2017)
UNEC in the Regions (16.05.2017)
UNEC exchanges Experience with Foreign Universities (13.02.2017)

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