UNEC – the 432nd in the world and the 1st in Azerbaijan


Green_metrix_20191205“The GreenMetric Ranking” methodology is successfully being applied at many leading universities around the world.

The purpose of the ranking is focusing the academic community on solving environmental problems.  Attitude of university campuses to the natural environment, energy use and its impact on climate, the policy of reducing paper use on campus, rational use of water resources, use of transportation (public, private cars or bicycles) in the high school, organization of training courses on environmental problems, availability of research funds to study environmental problems, the number of published scientific articles on environmental problems, so on  are taken into consideration in the ranking.

An action plan has been developed with the order № 83/1 of 2017 on the application of the international “GreenMetric Ranking” methodology at UNEC.

In 2019, UNEC was ranked 432nd among the universities of the world applying the “GreenMetric Ranking” methodology. UNEC is ranked first among Azerbaijani universities and 17th among Turkish universities on this indicator.

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