ramzi33Əsgərov Rəmzi Əsgər oğlu (1967-1992)

Asgerov Ramzi Asger (1967-1992)

Asgerov Ramzi Asger oghlu was born on January 21 1967 in Lachin. He completed the secondary school in Lachin and was enrolled to the Institute of National Economy of Azerbaijan (current UNEC) named after D.Bunyadzade. After the territorial claims of Armenia against Azerbaijan he passed to part-time department and voluntarily went to war. He had been a warrior of Lachin region battalion and an officer of the military unit 811. He died heriocally in the battle for the province Gulebirt of Lachin on May 25 1992. He was buried in Beylegan region. Ramzi Asgerov was the fifth year student when rose to the top of martyrdom.

 Our eternal student Ramzi Asgerov becomes 50 years old  (21.01.2017)

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