habil004-001Azizov Habil Kommunar (1968-1990)

Azizov Habil Kommunar oghlu was born in Vurgun settlement of Agstafa on January 19 1968. He studied at the Institute of National Economy named after D.Bunyadzade (current UNEC). A year after he went to serve in the military service. He completed the service in Riga and returned back to the institute. As he was a part-time student could serve in the state farm. In January of 1990, the third year student Habil came to Baku for the winter exam session. He celebrated birthday with his friends on January 19. Habil was walking in around the city when the Soviet troops entered Baku at night. He was killed by the Soviet tank and became a martyr. Ilgar was buried in the Martyrs’ Alley situated in Aghstafa. His photo is displayed in the Marturs’ Alley in Baku. His secondary school was named after him.


The 20-th January has been written in our history as a day of unity and honour (19.01.2018)
Today is the birthday of the eternal student of UNEC

Our Eternal Student – Habil Azizov
UNEC Staff visited the Martyrs’ Alley (20.01.2017)
Martyrs of January 20 was commemorated at UNEC (19.01.2017)



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