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Information about the Economic Department

The Economic Department of the University has been carrying out the activity since its establishment and currently continues to perform.

In different years the Economic Department was led by T.Shirinov (2001-2006), C.Cavadov (2006-2008), N.Aliyev (2008-2010) and O.Huseynzade (2010-2014).

E.Khalilov has been heading the Department since 2014.

The Economic Department is in charge of many duties. The protection of the academic and support buildings of the university, to provide them with teaching supplies and inventory, electrical equipment, computers and communication systems, to manage the transport economy and other tasks are incumbent upon the department.

To monitor the engineering and communication lines, heat and electric systems, water, gas and communication systems of the university’s academic buildings, implementation of the capital or current repairs of the buildings are the objectives of the Economic Department.

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