Candidate to score 700 on the 2nd specialty group: My main goal has been to win the name of a UNEC student

05 JULY 2019 | VIEWS:

Shakhriyar Samadov, who has had the highest results at the final exams, participated in the “One Day at UNEC” project.

Sh. Shamedov, who was at   UNEC with his parent, was informed about educational opportunities at the university, special scholarships, double diploma and exchange programs. Shakhriyar, who said he wants to study in English, met with Agil Azizov,   the dean of the International School of Economics (ISE). Noting that the students studying at this faculty have the highest results in the 2nd specialty group, the dean told that   75% of the Presidential Scholarships for the 2018-2019 academic years have chosen this faculty.

It was noted at the meeting that finance, accounting and audit, economics, world economy and business management are taught at this faculty in English. Each year, students gain the diplomas and certificates of prestigious universities around the world by participating in exchange and double diploma programs.

Shakhriyar Samadov, who told he wanted to study in Finance at   International School of Economics of UNEC, noted that   UNEC had always been one of   his main goals since he had been preparing for   the university: “I closely follow the achievements of UNEC. There are many   reasons for my choice for UNEC. My parents also recommend UNEC. My wish hasn’t been to get just a name of a student; it has been to get a   name of a UNEC student. The choice of applicants who had the highest results for the last two years has been UNEC, and I knew that competition was strong for my goal. “

It should be noted that Shakhriyar Samadov, graduate of Digah secondary school number 4 in Masalli region, was announced one of the two winners of the final exams held   for 11th graders of the republic on April 21, 2019. He correctly has responded to all assignments and scored the maximum result – 300.

Shakhriyar repeatedly showed high results in subject Olympiads. Participating at the  exams for the second time, he has  aimed to score 700. It should be noted that Sh. Samadov is one of the two candidates to score 700 on   the second specialty group.

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