“The tolerance in İslam”


The series of events within the framework of “İslamic Solidarity Year” are continuing at UNEC.

The next seminar held in the Commodity Research faculty was organized to provide the obligations arising from the Action Plan that had been envisaged on the announcement of 2017 year as the “Islamic Solidarity Year” in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

 The dean of the faculty Tofig Osmanov said that the series of events held in the faculty in relation to announcing the 2017 year as the “Islamic Solidarity Year” in the Republic of Azerbaijan  served to enlighten the students about the Islamic values and the multicultural traditions of Azerbaijan.

In the seminar the senior teacher of the “International relations” chair   Resmiye Mammadova made the report on the topic  “the Tolerance in İslam”. The reporter noted that the tolerance reflected the respect for the different world cultures, the existing religions and the races, their acceptance and understanding properly and she stressed that the tolerance was one of the important elements of our nation’s historically formed system of moral values.   R.Mammadova said that  Azerbaijan had always attached the importance to the multicultural values and the traditions of tolerance  and noted that the basis for these traditions had been laid down by the  Great Leader and today it was successfully continued by the President Ilham Aliyev.

At the end of the seminar the questions to the related subject were answered.

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