The head of Lifelong Education Centre of UNEC Mammadli Galandar Rizvan

In 2010-2014 he got   his  bachelor’s at the faculty of Turkic World Economics of  Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC).

In 2015, he entered   the masters  on “Marketing” at Marmara University in Turkey with the highest results among foreign students. During his student days, he was elected a member of the organizing committee of the Marmara Brand Summit project.

He is currently a PhD student  of Anadolu University in “Fundamentals of Business” in English.

In 2017, he studied for one term at the Politechnika Czestochowa University in Poland within Erasmus international exchange program.

He was the author and coordinator of the idea of the “Marketing Summit 2017″ project, which was attended by Azerbaijani-Turkish marketing specialists. Since 2017, he has provided marketing and business development consulting and marketing research to many local and foreign companies. He is the author of 5 scientific articles published in local and foreign journals, as well as at conferences. He has attended numerous trainings on marketing, digital marketing and branding.

Since 2018, he has been a lecturer at the department of” Economics and Business” at UNEC, teaches  at TUDIFAK and SABAH groups.

He is the organizer of “Experience speaks”, “Guest Speaker” projects, as well as the forum “From e-commerce to e-export”. He is the founder of the Markzone.az platform.

On the 21st of September he was appointed the head of Lifelong Education Centre of UNEC.




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