Yusif_Mirz__yevNational Hero Mirzayev Yusif Ali


Mirzayev Yusif Ali oghlu was born on May 23 1958 in Boyukduz province of Babek region. He completed the secondary school 1 in 1975. He studied at the Azerbaijan Institute of the National Economy named after D.Bunyadzade (current UNEC).

He joined the People’s Movement in 1988s. In 1991 he went to frontline voluntarily and fought valiantly. He participated in all operations together with his team of 14 fighters; had exclusive services in setting free 17 provinces of Aghdere. He resealed the whole division without losses in one of the battles.

He heroically died in one of the unequal battles while removing his front mates of the blockade on February 19 1993 in Aghdere. He was buried in Nakhchivan city Martyrs’ Alley. One of the secondary schools in Nakhchivan and the secondary school 44 of Baku city were named after him.

Mirzayev Yusif Ali oghlu was awarded the title of “The National Hero of Azerbaijan” after the death by the Presidential Decree 495 of the Republic of Azerbaijan signed on March 27 1993. He was married, got a child.

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