Pashayeva Parvin Rasul

She received a bachelor’s degree in “Business Organization and Management” at the Faculty of Turkic World Economics of   Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC). She completed her master’s   at Qafqaz University (now BEU) with a degree in Business Organization and Management. She is currently a candidate for a degree at Baku Engineering University.

She has got trainings   at Hacettepe University and Anadolu University in Turkey within the Erasmus + exchange program.

In 2019, she conducted research at the University of Siegen in Germany within the DAAD program.

She is the author of 7 articles published in national and foreign journals, as well as at conferences.

She is the coordinator of the Turkish-funded Mevlana exchange program.

She is a lecturer at the department of Economics and Business at UNEC, and teaches at the Faculty of Economics of the Turkic World.



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