The opportunity of getting education on the master’s degree level at the Higher Economic School of Russia

09 MARCH 2018 | VIEWS:


On March 23-25, the National Research University of Russia, the “Higher School of Economics”   will hold the International Student Olympiad at UNEC.

The winners of Olympiad will have the opportunity to get the free education at the master’s program of the “Higher School of Economics” at the National Economic University.

Along with the 3-rd and 4-th year students, the master’s degree level students can also take part in the Olympiad.

The registration will last on the internet address of Olympiad , until March 12.

The participation in the Olympiad is free and free of charge.

You can apply to the UNEC International Cooperation Department regarding the registration and the additional information on the Olympiad.

The training campus number I (Istiglaliyyat str. 6, Baku city) 115-th room. Tel: 012 492 60 45

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