Thomson Reuters: “UNEC is successfully integrating into the world science environment”

09 MARCH 2018 | VIEWS:


The Executive Director of Clarivate Analytics for Russia and CIS  countries Oleg Utkin, the Director in Educational Programs of the organization Valentin Bogorov visited UNEC.

The delegation meeting with the UNEC rector, professor Adalat Muradov exchanged the views on the coopertation between “Thomson Reuters” and the university. The main topic of the meeting was the scientific seminar, the organization of international conferenes and the establishment of the school for scientometrics.

In the meeting was highlighted the great interest of scientific society towards the international conference hosted by UNEC on the topic “The model of scientific activity management in modern universities: the innovative development challenges and perspectives”, and was noted that the book consisted of the materials of the  conference had been published. It was noted that, the another international conference had been planned to held with joint organization of “Thomson Reuters” and UNEC. The international conference will again bring together to UNEC the scientists from  the influential universities of the world.

O.Utkin, expressing his satisfaction with the purposeful steps taken by UNEC in the direction of becoming the university of international level, said that “Thomson Reuters” supported the projects implemented in this direction. He, highly appreciating the year over year growth number of UNEC publications in the influential scientific journals, stated that the university successfully integrated into the world science environment. Taking into consideration the influence of  UNEC in the scientific world, he emphasized the importance of establishing school for scientometrics here.


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