“UNEC-100” the Development Strategy: the key targets

16 JANUARY 2019 | VIEWS:

bina_icherisheher_2018The “UNEC-100” Development Strategy identifies 7 strategic goals and 31 startegic targets that are plannned to be implemented by 2030.

According to the document, “To become the high-quality higher education institution”, “To become the research university”, “To become the entrepreneurial university”, “To become a leading university in social services”, “To become the international university”, “To have more flexible and highly efficient university management system”, “To become the university with the high intrnational ranking” have been identified as the strategic goals of UNEC.

In order to become a high-quality university, UNEC targets to increase the number applicants scoring the high points at the entrance exams and chosing the university, raising the average score to 500, to improve continuously the teaching process, to increase the professional level of academic-teaching staff, to raise the share of young teachers in teaching process, the international accreditation of educational programs, to increase he scholarship allowance opportunities for students, to provide them with the hostel, to provide the largest distance education services in the country in the region.

According to the strategy, in order to become a leading research university,  the targets of the UNEC are to provide the master’s level of study and doctorate education in line with the world practice, to create the highly-rated “brain center”, tpo conduct the research projects at the expense of orders and grants, to increase the number of articles published in the most influencial and prestigious publications included into the “Web of Science” and “Scopus” platform, and to possess the scientific magazines included in those databases.

The strategic targets, for developing the entrepreneurial university model, identified by UNEC are to increase the number of stratups, patent applications, and commercialzation patents,  as well as, to increase every year the number of research and innovation projects implemented jointly with the business world.

The goal of obtaining the status of leading university in social services has been identified as the realization of the social reponsibility projects of national level, the transfering mechanisms of the knowledge and experience in community, and to improve the relationaships with the graduates, and providing the service in lifelong learning programs.

With the view of becoming the international university and expanding the internationalization more, the UNEC targets to increase the share of foreign students, to provide the participation of more students, teachers and administrative staff in the international exchange programs, and continuously increas the number of the international dual degree diploma programs, including the number of the education programs teaching in English language.

According to the strategy, for the goal of possessing the more flexible and highly efficient university management system, the targets have been defined as the full implementation of strategic management at UNEC, continuously improving the human resources, the information resources and financial management, and optimizing the university managment  structure.

As the result of the taken measures, the UNEC is expected to become one of the world’s top 500 universities until the 100th anniversary.

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