“Science Days” are being held at UNEC

16 MARCH 2021 | VIEWS:

“Science Days” are  kicked off at  Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC).

The online event was attended by the academic staff   of   UNEC , well-known scientists, public figures, and members of the families of martyrs.

Director of DOMSA, Professor Zahid Mammadov noted that “Science Days” would be held at UNEC on March 15-30 as part of the March 27 “Science Day” approved by the decree of  the  President. He emphasized that online scientific seminars, round tables, and scientific discussions would be held with faculties, research centers, as well as foreign universities and research institutes.

The moderator of the event, Rena Huseynova, head of the department for Coordination and Organization of Research Centers, drew attention to the fact that  UNEC Center for Empirical Research would  held extensive discussions on the impact of the Patriotic War on society at the first event held as a part of the Science Days.

Then, the head of  UNEC Center for Empirical Research Khatai Aliyev made a presentation on “The impact of the Patriotic War on the transformation of thought in society and the satisfaction of life of population “. The rapporteur presented a conceptual view of the Great Patriotic War and spoke about the intangible and tangible factors that affect the welfare of the population. He also spoke about the impact of the war on the transformation of society, the dynamics of institutional confidence, people’s hope for the future, the dynamics of the index of life satisfaction. Kh..Aliyev drew   attention to the fact that according to a social survey , the victory in the Great Patriotic War had a significant impact on the transformation of thinking in society and increased the satisfaction of the population.

Corresponding member of ANAS, Professor Akif Musayev, who was participating at the event, spoke about the importance of holding “Science Days” and said that the sociological aspects of the research will be useful in the economic development of the country.

Chairman of the Public  Union for “Support of Martyrs′ Sevinj Orujova, the wife of the martyred commander Raguf Orujov, spoke about the moral wounds caused by the war in the families of martyrs and veterans and spoke about the role of civil society in paying attention and care to the families of martyrs.

The event, which was broadcast live on the official Facebook page of UNEC, continued with discussions, and questions on the topic were answered by the speaker.

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