Discussions on faculty development strategies are being held at UNEC

07 JANUARY 2021 | VIEWS:

Meetings with deans of faculties have been kicked off in order to increase the prestige of UNEC in the international arena, to further increase its competitiveness

During the meetings chaired by UNEC Rector, Professor Adalat Muradov, the deans of the faculties made proposals to improve the quality of education, improve management, and further improve the supply of teaching materials, and announced the future development strategies of the faculties.

It was noted at the meetings that purposeful measures are being taken to maintain the achievements of UNEC, achieve new achievements, increase the number of dual degree programs implemented by the world’s leading universities, involvement of professors working abroad   in teaching and increase the number of foreign students at the university. It was noted that in order to attract high-scoring applicants to UNEC, an action plan has been prepared for the faculties, and this year, as every year, meetings with applicants will be held and live broadcasts will be organized.

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