A Conference at UNEC: “The Combination of Science and Education: Global Challenges and Local Opportunities”

07 JUNE 2016 | VIEWS:

A Scientific Conference on “The Combination of Science and Education: Global Challenges and Local Opportunities” jointly organized by Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) and Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) has been held on June 7.

Rector of University, Professor Adalat Muradov noted that it is impossible to gain success in business without the unity of science, education and experience. Rector emphasized that the university where scientific researches are not carried out they do not differ from the secondary schools: “We decided to hold the conference on “The Combination of Science and Education: Global Challenges and Local Opportunities” to arrange the unity of science with education in the highest level. The main topic to be discussed at the event is the cooperation between ANAS and UNEC”.

Saying “We want the teacher’s pedagogical activity to be assessed in accordance with his/her investigations”, Rector highlighted that the virtual economic forum- diskurs.az and the journal “UNEC Expert” have been established at UNEC with this in mind. These resources give our teaching staff the opportunity of sharing the results of their researches with public.

Stressing the necessity of the unity of education with science Akif Alizade, Academician, President of ANAS evaluated the significance of the conference highly. Speaking about the care rendered by the state to science and education, Academician noted that he welcomes the President Ilham Aliyev’s initiative about the granting deferment of the military service given to graduate and doctoral students: “The decision will create a great foundation in science and education for personnel training and to ensure continuity in education. The vast majority of researchers are women. We hope the new decision will affect in the number of men of graduate and doctoral students.

The President of ANAS spoke about the advantages of expanding relations of the Ministry of Education with universities. He said if the universities have been established in the Academy, they would have become perfect science and education centers in the future.

Saying “the unity of science and education should be founded in accordance with new requirements”, the Academician highlighted the innovation as a significant factor.

An Academic Advisor of the Social Sciences section of ANAS, Corresponding member of the AS Nargiz Akhundova has talked on: “The importance of training economic knowledge in the field of social sciences”: “The country can achieve the advantage in the system of competition where knowledge economy is reflected. The foundation of the future economy is the unity of science and education. The combination of academic education with business knowledge will lead to economic dynamics”. Emphasizing the theory and experience to fall away from each other N. Akhundova underlined the importance of scientific researches in these processes. She said, the teacher carrying out scientific research can better understand the processes happen in economy.

Director of UNEC Department of Science, Professor Zahid Mammadov made a report on “A Synthesis of Science and Education: Global Experience and Actual Trends”. Professor stressed the importance of establishment of the Institute of Science Support with the aim of reinforcing research activity and introducing the scholars to international community guided by the world experience. Z.Mammadov, at the same time proposed the reduction of the teaching staff’s academic load to increase their research activity and teaching of the discipline “Foundation of Scientific Researches” in the undergraduate program and involving professors of ANAS to teaching. The Professor has also forwarded the idea of opening the Higher Banking School.

Debates were made and different proposals were forwarded within the conference. It was noted that the creation of a single library network of ANAS with UNEC, preparation of tutorials and collaborative research works play an important role in ensuring the integrity of science and education.

A Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in science and education was signed between ANAS and UNEC at the end. The document reflects carrying out scientific researches, their application in training, involving well- known scientists in teaching process, development of training- methodological facilities and other issues.

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