A meeting is held with the chairmen of student organizations at UNEC

18 JANUARY 2021 | VIEWS:

Rector of UNEC, Professor Adalat Muradov has met with chairmen of student organizations.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the ways to increase the efficiency of student organizations, to ensure efficiency in the delivery of innovations to students, to exchange views on issues of interest to students and to hear proposals to increase the role of student organizations.

The meeting provided detailed information on the innovations applied in the organization of education at UNEC.  It was noted that   he training has been organized on the basis of a modular system; foreign language teaching has been increased to 2 years for students to better master foreign languages; virtual laboratories have been established;  and a virtual dean’s office has been set up to respond to students’ requests operatively; live broadcasts are regularly organized on social networks with the participation of deans and heads of relevant structures. It was noted that from this week, the heads of student organizations had started live broadcasts on social networks in order to better inform first-year student organizations.

Then the leaders of the organization informed about the activities carried out, as well as voiced the appeals received by students. The chairmen of each organization made proposals in accordance with the directions of activity.

It was noted that the heads of student organizations were also included in the monitoring groups established for all faculties from the second module, and they observed the teaching process by following the lessons held for all faculties. It was said that these students will also take part in the exams as proctors.

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