UNEC’s Employee has spoken about Garabagh Truths in the US

05 APRIL 2016 | VIEWS:

Vice-rector of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) for International Affairs and Programs, Associate Professor Shahin Bayramov has made a broad speech at the State University of Pennsylvania USA. The main aim of the event organized in the International Relations Office of the Education College by UNEC employee’s personal initiative was delivering the truths about the events that took place these days.

Sh.Bayramov has given detailed information about the provocative actions carried out recently against Azerbaijan by Armenia, intensive shelling of civilian areas from a large-caliber weapons and the enemy armed forces to be responded in all cases by Azerbaijan. He informed the participants about the history of Daghlig Garabagh conflict, the occupation policy implemented by Armenia against Azerbaijan, occupation of 20% of Azerbaijani lands and one million people become refugees and internally displaced people as a result of occupation for almost 20 years.

Sh.Bayramov brought to attention Azerbaijan’s efforts to resolve the conflict, proved fruitless the long-term negotiation process due to Armenia’s non-constructive position and failure to implement the resolution of the UN Security Council on unconditional liberation of Azerbaijani lands. He said that Azerbaijan is ready to liberate its historical lands in the right frame of international law to restore territorial integrity.

Sh.Bayramov has stressed the responsibility for the recent Armenian provocation to fall on Armenia, high level of combat readiness of Azerbaijani armed forces and false information conveyed by Armenia to international community.

At the end of the presentation Sh.Bayramov responded the participants’ questions on the issue.

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